Puppy Biting at Clothes

For the owner, to have their puppy biting at clothes can present a more serious problem than first glance may reveal.


Well, as we all know – if it's our own 'doggie clothes' we can brush it off. That's what those clothes are for, right?

But let's imagine for a moment that we've invited Naomi Campbell round to our house for afternoon tea and our tiny terror with the Piranha teeth decides that Naomi's £20,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress looks like it's worth a chomp…then we might realise just how our puppy's clothes biting habit could land us in hot water.

OK, so Naomi visiting your house might be a tad on the far fetched side. But a puppy who loves to bite at clothes needs to have that behaviour corrected in exactly the same way as other non desirable puppy biting habits.

The procedure for correct this is similar to the cure puppy biting method taught in the eBook.

Here it is in summary form:

1. Immediately act to correct the unwanted behaviour by redirecting the puppy to stop the unwanted biting behaviour.
2. Reward the puppy for moving from biting.
3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The basic premise is seeking to alert the puppy as soon as possible that biting at clothes (or anything else that has not been designated as a 'legal puppy chew toy) is undesired by rewarding and 'marking' the behaviour that is acceptable.

Don't allow the puppy to bite at clothes for just a little bit. This is reward, as far as the puppy is concerned.

Act quickly, don't startle the pup and ensure the redirected (wanted) behaviour is well rewarded.