Training Puppies Not to Bite

Training puppies not to bite? You'd be surprised just how many owners are, maybe unwittingly, training their puppies TO bite and nip!

At no time is it okay for your dog to put her teeth on any part of a human body. Nipping and mouthing – whilst natural behaviour as far as the puppy is concerned – are not acceptable and should not be encouraged, ever.

Remember that puppy teeth may not hurt very much, but they'll soon fall out and be replaced with adult ones that will. So don't ever encourage your dog to nibble or teethe on you, and don't play games that encourage her to nip at you. Teach your small children to keep their hands away from her mouth.   

Puppies love to nibble our hands and they mean no harm by it. In fact, their mouth is the way they explore many new things – including humans.

Owners are often surprised at just how easy it is to allow some gently mouthing to progress in to something all together more painful.

So here's a simple rule if you're struggling with a nipping puppy:

Don't tolerate it – ever.

How do we go about stopping puppy biting habits?

Firstly, a good rule of them with any new pup is not to encourage behaviour that we don't want to continue later on.

If your puppy nips, move away and yelp. This is a surprisingly effective method as the puppy has usually been 'taught' this response from his brothers and sisters and even his own Mum. It shows him that what he did hurt you and he will more often than not take that on board.


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