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Puppy Biting at Clothes

For the owner, to have their puppy biting at clothes can present a more serious problem than first glance may reveal.


Well, as we all know – if it's our own 'doggie clothes' we can brush it off. That's what those clothes are for, right?

But let's imagine for a moment that we've invited Naomi Campbell round to our house for afternoon tea and our tiny terror with the Piranha teeth decides that Naomi's £20,000 Dolce and Gabbana dress looks like it's worth a chomp…then we might realise just how our puppy's clothes biting habit could land us in hot water.

OK, so Naomi visiting your house might be a tad on the far fetched side. But a puppy who loves to bite at clothes needs to have that behaviour corrected in exactly the same way as other non desirable puppy biting habits.

The procedure for correct this is similar to the cure puppy biting method taught in the eBook.

Here it is in summary form:

1. Immediately act to correct the unwanted behaviour by redirecting the puppy to stop the unwanted biting behaviour.
2. Reward the puppy for moving from biting.
3. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

The basic premise is seeking to alert the puppy as soon as possible that biting at clothes (or anything else that has not been designated as a 'legal puppy chew toy) is undesired by rewarding and 'marking' the behaviour that is acceptable.

Don't allow the puppy to bite at clothes for just a little bit. This is reward, as far as the puppy is concerned.

Act quickly, don't startle the pup and ensure the redirected (wanted) behaviour is well rewarded.


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Puppy Jumping and Biting

Puppies who jump up and bite / nip can be the cause of some rather unpleasant experiences for you, your guests and your family.

Puppies jump up.

Puppies bite and nip.

Some puppies love to jump up and bite.

So how do we go about fixing such a problems, for it is absolutely imperative that fix it we should!

In our 'Cure Puppy Biting' eBook, there is a lot of focus on the need to teach puppies correct bite inhibition protocols and this is certainly the first place to start when we approach the problem of a puppy jumping and biting.


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How to Get a Puppy to Stop Biting

We all know it. Prevention is indeed better than cure. This is so, so true when it comes to puppy biting. Not so much in terms of stopping them immediately, but certainly when it comes to preventing puppy biting escalating in to something more serious. In this guide, Kelly Perry of Oh My Dog Supplies, gives her take on how to prevent puppy biting from developing in to something more serious.

If you are living with a new puppy, there are lots of things that both of you need to learn, but one of the most important lessons that he or she is going to have from you is that it is unacceptable to bite! Dogs, just like humans, are creatures of habit, and if they form habits early on in life, you will find them much more difficult to break the longer that they get ingrained. A puppy nipping at you is one thing.


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How to Stop Puppy Biting The Easy Way

How to stop puppy biting is so commonly searched for, we realised we had to have an entire website and eBook dedicated to the whole topic. We've also got these handy little caresheets to guide you as well.

Puppy nipping can hurt. In fact, their little needle sharp teeth can often cause injuries that hurt even more than a gentle mouthing from an adult dog.

It sometimes seems like puppies have a mission to be doing everything possible to seemingly want to annoy you, get in trouble, or worse – hurt themselves. But at the same time they are incredibly cute – they have to be so you'll still love them when they are being really bad, which happens often while they are learning how to behave in a human world.


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Training Puppies Not to Bite

Training puppies not to bite? You'd be surprised just how many owners are, maybe unwittingly, training their puppies TO bite and nip!

At no time is it okay for your dog to put her teeth on any part of a human body. Nipping and mouthing – whilst natural behaviour as far as the puppy is concerned – are not acceptable and should not be encouraged, ever.

Remember that puppy teeth may not hurt very much, but they'll soon fall out and be replaced with adult ones that will. So don't ever encourage your dog to nibble or teethe on you, and don't play games that encourage her to nip at you. Teach your small children to keep their hands away from her mouth.   


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Teaching Bite Inhibition to Puppies

Razor sharp, needle like teeth. A seeming never ending desire to chomp down on the most delicate of human fleshy parts.

No, I'm not talking about piranhas, I'm talking about puppies!

One of the first dog training protocol you will want to initiate when you get a new puppy is to teach him to inhibit (puppy bite inhibition) the force of his play-bites. It is not necessary to reprimand the pup, and certainly physical punishments are not called for. But it is essential to let your puppy know that bites can hurt.

A simple "Ouch!" is usually sufficient. When the puppy backs off, take a short time-out to "lick your wounds," instruct your pup to come, sit, and lie down to apologize and make up. Then resume playing.


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